Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hot Chocolate on a What?

Ok, I'm intrigued. I love making and giving little gifts. So I was looking on the web for something different and unique. I came across this little blog a while back and loved her ideas and inspiration.

Originally the post came from a really neat website This website also has some really amazing ideas.

These are so cute but I had to take a second look. Surely I understand and can follow directions but are they marshmallows? or Chocolate? So I experimented. I have an automatic ice maker, so I don't own ice cube trays. I do have chocolate molds for pretzel rods or lollipops. I believe these will do... I might just have to purchase ice cube trays? Still going to try.

So I decided that I would give these my own spin. I made "White Chocolate Malted Hot Chocolate Sticks". Then I made "White Chocolate Malted Hot Chocolate Pops". Now we all know white chocolate is nothing but a bunch of cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. It doesn't taste anything like chocolate. It has a pleasantly sweet and buttery flavor. This is one of those things that you have to purchase the BEST quality for the BEST flavor. The white chocolate chips have added ingredients that hold it together during the baking process. Not so good for quality chocolate making. My favorite is Callebaut. It has a hint or under note of caramel and good vanilla. I purchase it at Williams Sonoma over in Destin, FL at the Destin Commons.

So more inspiration came when I went to my cupboard and looked at some of my Mexican style hot chocolate mix. I make my own. Maybe I could use this as my additive to my chocolate pops. Ok, this was ingenious. Oh how I love these and they have that added kick of the chipotle pepper and the sensuous Kortinji Cinnamon. Oh how yummy!

So here is my take on these lovely little gifts. How cool would it be to receive this in a hand painted cocoa mug, with a little package of digestive biscuits or some biscotti! You will need a cute little tag with directions. Maybe wrapped in some pretty cellophane and a beautiful ribbon bow. I would be so impressed. Can we say Teachers Gifts!

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