Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mary Mary Quite Contrary...

A while back, I blogged shortly about garden box gardening. This is something that I have been studying for several years and I wanted to try it to eliminate weeding in my garden. I live in Florida and the dollar weed loves anything with nutrients in it and has shown me that it even lives in round-up treated areas.

This year my garden was transformed into small easily maintained boxes with no weeds. WAHOO! I am learning to fertilize my plants as a raised box needs additional fertilization. But for the reveal...

I have 12 tomato plants with set tomatoes in April.

I have 24 Blue Lake Bush Beans with blooms that are starting to set beans. These are our favorite so I can't wait!

I have 4 eggplants that are blooming.

I have lettuce and swiss chard in one box and we have eaten from it for about 2 months now. This is the lettuce table that has reseeded itself this year.

I have 60 red onions that are growing daily. My daughter Olivia wants to know if they are big enough to eat. They are only the size of your thumb so she will have to wait a while.

I have 4 cucumber plants that have set fruit and are climbing up the trellis on the outside of the gardening boxes.

I have 6 bell pepper plants and 6 jalapeno plants. They are both setting fruit.I have one bell pepper that is the size of a ping-pong ball.

I have yellow squash and Zucchini squash the size of your little pinky finger. So
I will have to check daily now because squash grow twice its size in one day. The anticipation is killing me.

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