Friday, December 24, 2010

Yummy Snack's...

Tonight "Christmas Eve" our family eats all kinds of snacks. So we are eating Guava Cheese Turnovers. I used leftover Guava paste and placed little cubes of it on thin Triscuit crackers that I had spread original Laughing Cow cheese wedges. We had to have the tamales I made with friends on Wednesday. We rolled about 300. There were chicken and green chilies, Pork and Beef with red chili. It's really hard to choose which was the yummiest. Then there were homemade cheesy corn dogs that Krystan made last night with her newest kitchen gadget. We have green grapes covered with blue cheese and rolled in crushed croutons. Krystan pulled out Chex Mix, her favorite. Olivia just wanted to make flavored Milk Frother's. Yes we have a milk frother/warmer that is so great for chocolate milk or regular milk that has flavored syrups added to it. TOMORROW NO COOKING YEAH!!!! Merry Christmas!

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