Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old/New venture for me

I love to cook. I mean really cook!! I am out of practice some as I have been really busy the past 3 years volunteering full time and my church calling keeps me preoccupied 24/7.

I used to cater volunteer luncheons,charity functions,neighborhood association venues, weddings and business affairs for my husband. They were all amazing and I always have great comments and feedback. I loved it even more when people just had to have the recipes.

SO...I am looking through a pile of cookbooks I own and one or two online to cook from cover to cover and blog my journey. Do you have any suggestions? I need to get back to the things I love and make a regular time for it. So since cooking happens at least twice daily in my home I want to incorporate more of it as a time for me. I plan to place ads that I choose to review on this blog. Be assured that I will show you the products that are my favorite, that I own, or that I used to try the recipes.

I hope you enjoy this chapter in my life as I restore one of my talents and favorite hobbies.

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  1. Ok! I have narrowed it down to three cookbooks. I am leaning towards Gourmet Desserts. That is one of my favorite books and I love to bake. Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything is a cookbook that I often pull out. And last but not least The Lion House Weddings. I will have to sit down over the next week and try to figure out which one I want to start first. I hope to begin the first of September. Shoot me a comment if you have a thought.