Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Decision Has Been Made

So after much thought, I have decided to cook and blog my way through Gourment's Sweets Desserts for Every Occasion. I couldn't contain myself after perusing it last night. The pictures were calling me to bake, bake, bake... And the word bake kept getting louder.

So I made the Lemon Rspberry Wedding Cake on page 84. And I tweaked it a little. Raspberries are still available in our area and they taste ok. They aren't the same as Bear Lake in Utah. But they still taste good and are firm and uniform in shape and size. I made the single batch of Cake and Syrup and Buttercreme Frosting. I am definately out of practice but it turned out just fine.

So this is how I tweaked it...

I made the cake up according to directions. And baked it in three 9-inch cake pans. They turned out great. Just lightly tan on top. It was of even texture and dense in texture.

The syrup to soak the cake was sweet but not over the top sweet and the lemon juice didn't make it too tart.

So I took the buttercreme and made it without the added lemon curd. I reserved the lemon curd for the layers of the cake.

So each layer of the cake was soaked with the lemon syrup. I triple soaked the cake with the lemon syrup. I then piped a thin circle of buttercreme around the edge of each layer. In the center of the buttercreme, I placed lemon curd. Then place each layer on top of each other. Place a thin layer of buttercreme to the top and sides. Place a second layer of buttercreme over the entire cake. Place the raspberries on top. Pipe a decorative layer of buttercreme to the sides and top to finish the cake off.

So there are pictures to go with it. I can guarantee that you will have ooh's and aah's. My kids wanted to know if it was for us. And I said yes, so I am the best mom of all time!

Until next week...

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